Chef Ryan



Ryan Cline is a native Miamian who is using his passion and profession in the culinary arts to revitalize the industry. Incorporating technology coupled with traditional techniques found in the leading kitchen’s around the world, Cline’s goal is to expand South Florida’s palate one dish at a time. Having a great awareness of food and its effect on our body’s and mind, Cline brings that same awareness into his kitchen by using new techniques towards the XES dining experience.

For more than a decade, Cline has trained both in the classroom under master chefs and in kitchen’s in South Florida, California and the Bahamas. Bringing his wisdom from different corners of the Earth, Cline will impose his extensive sushi and traditional culinary arts once again to the South Florida community.

Cline began cooking as an adolescent because of his acute sense of self. Initially, he found himself in the kitchen whenever his family fed him food that would have a negative effect on his body. However, over time Cline became more consistent in the kitchen, yet his intention was to become a scientist. Ultimately, Cline traveled to California at the age of 17 to expand his life. While in California, he studied Culinary Arts at the Institute of Technology and discovered being a chef fulfilled his admiration of scientists. Within his first week of schooling, he began applying his training to various positions that included a rehab center, catering, and numerous restaurants. Encompassing his extended training from the American Culinary Federation along with the core values of XES: diversity, inclusion, and unity, Cline’s dishes personify the world we all strive to create. A simplified practice, with bold flavors and clean culinary technique, is what sums up Chef Cline’s artistic gift which will be enjoyed by XES patrons.


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